Monday, June 30, 2008


detritis, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

de·tri·tus (d-trts)
n. pl. detritus
1. Loose fragments or grains that have been worn away from rock.
2.a. Disintegrated or eroded matter: the detritus of past civilizations.
b. Accumulated material; debris:

I love this term, detritus, and keep thinking of it as I go through all the accumulated junk I have. I hope to do a series of pieces with this in mind. This first one is about stuff that we throw away regularly. It contains a couple of computer boards, an old cd, bottle cap, can lid, car door handle, styrene foam and plastic packaging from something.

Miss Plastic

miss plastic , originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

This girl started after I was looking at some pictures on line of Dada Dolls. I used a tiny chocolate tin and an old doll. Her top is a plastic bag melted with a heat gun right on to her body (ouch! she said) the bottom is a recycled tea bag.

Book people

book people, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

This started out with the drink mixer thing in the center and was going to be a doll. I was never satisfied with the way he looked. I had the book that had been glued shut. textured and had buttons glued on. I decided to combine the two projects and thus created Book People.


finished charms.jpg, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

These are some charms that I made for a swap. Some are made with ironed plastic bags or old cd's. Some are made with polymer clay beads that I made years ago in a class I was teaching.


rock.jpg, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

Based on a piece of metal can that I rusted this is my first experiment with melting styrene foam packing with spray paints.

Recycled cd

recycled cd, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

Not such a great photo. This is one of a series of recycled cd's that I made using little items that I have accumulated over the years.

Time and Again

time and again, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

This is yet another RD condensed book. It is closed and glued together. I hollowed out a large space in the middle. In it is a little Japanese box, a discarded watch that someone sent me (it was still ticking the last time I looked) and some metal found objects.


giraffe, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

A friend gave me some old jewelery and buttons that she wanted to discard. In the box was this wonderful giraffe. I decided to honor him with a shadow box that housed an old spice men's gift in a former life. Old encyclopedia pages covered the back and I added some occotillo skeletons to the jewelry from the box.

Book Series

untitled book, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

Again, this started with a RD condensed book, opened, folded an pressed. It is painted with nickle azo gold highlighted with some red and purples. I used furniture tacks and some wire for the finishing touches.

Book series 2

book series 2, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

I started with a Readers Digest Condensed book opened flat to the middle, Then I folded pages in the center and glued and pressed them down. I painted with azo gold and some interference blue. Then I added some metal goodies that were lying around the studio.

Green and yellow Can Man

green yellow man, originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

With an old book for a base, this can man features some interesting beads and a styrene foam hat.

Ship of spoons

shoeship , originally uploaded by Omabluebird.

Made with a wooden shoe form, old silver plated spoons and a bracelet that I started in a Susan Leinert Kazmer workshop