Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first efforts at paper cloth making. The first one is three pieces drying at the very beginning stage. The other is tea bags on white (!) muslin, some how or other it looks pink.

The pink one in the middle of the 3 pieces is old magazine pages that I put under another project that I was spraying radiant rain on to. I saved them and used them in this project. Keeping with my plan to use whatever is at hand.

cloth paper

The dark blue is black and white napkins that have been inked over with a Colorbook brand dauber, and then I added alcohol inks and topped that with some radiant rain and sprayed with workable fixative to keep the rr from running. The center piece has been painted and inked and the one with leaves is basically muslin and come old book pages.

Cloth paper project

Cloth paper made on muslin and gingham. You are supposed to use white muslin but I could not resist using green gingham checked fabric that I bought recently. The pink one is patterned tissue paper and some paper that had radiant rain on it which caused the pink tint.
The the other two are tea bags and other paper.