Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Altered Page: Natural Evolution

The Altered Page: Natural Evolution

Seth at The Altered page has a winter project of placing bundles of paper in the outdoors to observe the natural evolution.  He invited others to particpate with their own projects.  

I put my project outside today.  Using my theme of Bricolage, I just gathered up some stuff I have around the studio.  I did some magazine pages, some paper towels, some coffee filters and tea bags and a book.  

I wrapped the bundles in different kinds of wire.  The book I splashed some paint on and then wrapped it in aluminum mesh.  I hung my bundles on a tree branch sculpture that I made in front of my house.  I can watch the fun out my front window.  

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Seth said...

Thanks for joining in Susan. Great pictures of you bundles. Love how they are "growing" on the tree. And the weather looks perfect for the project!