Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Banquet table

The theme for the Ecumenical Lenten services this year is feasting and fasting.  Today the theme was the Great banquet or as it was called in Matthew 22 the parable of the wedding banquet.  The planners chose to use the theme all are invited.  I was asked to create an art project and I chose to do a banquet table.  I used a narrow card table and covered it with a patchwork table cloth in rainbow colors to signify inclusiveness.  I used two place settings and a center piece of a large gourd filled with dried plants and a cross made from dried cholla.  I spray painted everything with gold.    All of the dishes etc came from a thrift shop.  I even spray painted a couple of wooden chairs I got at the thrift store.  

I made up a little invitation to hand to everybody inviting them to the banquet.  I also included a little about the symbolisnm of the various items and colors.    

I worked many hours on the table cloth and I knew it would never be finished so I said I would use it just as it was on the day.  I was putting a border around it last evening when my sewing machine quit.  So I hand basted the edge and pinned it to the back side.  I felt like the people on Project Runway, sewing their models into their outfits just before runway time.  

I am not really a quilter so I didn't call it a quilt but it may grow up to be a quilt someday.  


serendipitysue said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and colourful banquet setting. Hope the patchwork remains a tablecloth - I think it is lovely as is! Sue Williams in South Africa

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

What a totally lovely and meaning filled project. I love the art and spirit of your blog so much!!

Kathleen C. said...

It's beautiful, Susan, as is the symbolism. If you'd like, you can make it into a quilt with a thin batting so that it can still be used as a table cover. The LibQuilters in our group will really like this! Hand quilted free style fans (which I am going to learn to do soon) might look good with the straight lines of the patchwork.

Nancy said...

This is wonderfully creative and meaningful. Nicely done... much thought and effort.