Thursday, January 28, 2010

My snow dying process

The two red pieces and the purple/blue/red  a couple of posts below are all made from a white sheet an exchange student left at my house a couple of years ago.

I bought the supplies from Dharma Trading company

I prewashed the fabric in Synthropol.  Then I soaked it in a soda ash solution.   While it was soaking I prepared my urea and salt chemical water.  I laid the fabric out on several different types of racks.  The article I read in Art Quilting stated that she used a piece of plexiglass and tilted it into a pan so that the fabric did not sit in the excess dye.  I used two small pieces of plexi tilted in my favorite pan (it is designed for fish cleaning and sold at sporting goods stores).

I also used a small baking rack over a dish pan and a shoe box sized plastic box.  In the bottom of the plastic box I placed some bubble wrap with really large bubbles.  I also slanted this so the dye would run down.

I then put the wet fabric on the racks and covered  it with snow.

I mixed the dye two tables spoons to a half cup of chemical water.  Then poured it on over the snow.  I then covered it with plastic bags and left it overnight.

The next day I sprayed all of the fabric with warm water, wrung it out and hung it to dry.  I will wash it with synthrapol in a few days.

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gocrazywithme said...

Glad to know that snow is good for something....